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Getting Real Back Pain Relief Instead of Just Masking the Pain with Muscle Rubs

I felt like I could do anything when I was young even though I had chronic pains back then. What I would do was just muddle through the pain days and go immediately back to being a kid when the good days would come. My only problems back then were some skin problems that caused cracking and pain on one thumb, and knee pain that hurt quite a bit. As I got older, those things resolved, but the back pains started. That was when I started going to an Oklahoma City chiropractor for adjustments. It was the only way I would get any real and lasting relief. My regular doctor sent me for imaging, told me I had some slight issues that did not line up with the amount of pain I was feeling and told me to take OTC NSAIDs for pain relief.

Well, I do not like to take any pills whatsoever, so I just put up with the pain until it started to interfere with my ability to do my job. A friend at work suggested the Oklahoma City chiropractor that I go to, and that is where things started to look up as far as the back pain went. It was like having the good days back in my youth when I did not have to wear a bandage covering my thumb or have to use rubs to ease my knee pain. My wife was happy that I no longer smelled like the wintergreen of muscle rubs all the time. Plus, those rubs only masked the pain by irritating the nerve endings in my skin. That is akin to hitting yourself in the face to mask the pain of an earache. I was very happy to finally get real relief from my back pain by having adjustments done at the chiropractor.